Welcome to Life After Lessons

A culturally competent community for educator wellness and student success.

About Life After Lessons

Welcome to Life After Lessons

Who is Life After Lessons For?

Life After Lessons (by TwistED Teaching) is a culturally competent community of educators committed to personal holistic wellness and student success. This community is designed for educators who desire to show REAL LOVE to themselves and expand their capacity to show REAL LOVE to their families, students, and community.

Why You Should Join?

Educator wellness is essential to student success. When educators are intentional about caring for their social, emotional, and cultural needs, they better position themselves to care for all students social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs. In this community, educators will be supported in developing individualized plans to WERK OUR WELLNESS! Like when we step into any room, others will say WOW! Why? Because the way you will be guided to care for yourself from the inside out is going to show! 

In this community, wellness is NOT about how you look on the outside. Using the concept of integrative nutrition, educators will learn that wellness is