Welcome to Color CodED

We are educators devoted to creating equitable spaces for diverse student populations.

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Welcome to the Color CodED Community


Who is the Color CodED Community For?

The Color CodED community is for educators who are committed to equity in education and the implementation of culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy into their learning environments.

Why You Should Join?

Color CodED is a community of educational professionals dedicated to creating equitable, engaging, and relevant, learning opportunities and experiences for students from marginalized communities. 

We believe that Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is just "good teaching" and we are devoted to supporting educators in the implementation of CRT practices into their classrooms and schools. In this community, you will find resources, support, and the encouragement needed to transform your learning environment into a space that meets the diverse needs of all students. Content, Culture, Community Engagement, and Creativity fuels this network of teachers because these values are what every learner desires from their learning experiences. We don't just talk about equitable learning spaces. But, using research and proven strategies and best practices, we create equitable learning spaces and welcome you to create them with us!

What Are The Benefits of Being a Member of the Color CodED Community?

Joining the Color CodED community has many benefits for individual educators, campuses, school districts, colleges/universities, and professional organizations. This community was designed to serve as an ongoing professional development for educators committed to creating equitable learning spaces for all students. In this community, you will find resources and materials to support you in your personal and professional journey to becoming an equity-minded educator. But, that's not all! With over 40 years of experience in Education combined, and years of research conducted on Culturally Relevant Teaching, Multicultural Education, and Urban Education, the founders of this community have also designed exclusive courses, webinars, lessons, and resources that will guide and support you in changing your mindset and learning environments. In addition, this community will provide members with the impact coaching necessary to ensure that what is gained from this community is transferable to your unique classrooms and schools. Change can not happen in isolation but together, our community has the power to transform the way teaching and learning happens in schools and the educational experiences of all students. 


The journey to changing the way we think, and the way we teach, is not an easy one. But hey, when we commit ourselves to create learning spaces that are equitable and speak to the cultural needs of diverse learners, our students win! Isn't that what we want? ALL students to win and excel in our classrooms and schools? Thank you for joining the Color CodED Community. Your knowledge, experiences, resources, and expertise make this community possible. Most importantly, your willingness to be vulnerable, learn and grow as equity-minded educators are what makes this community so worthwhile. We are all committed to start somewhere and grow while supporting each other. We are not only doing it for our own personal and professional growth, but we are doing it for our students because we know that the more we grow, the better our schools become...for ALL students. 

Thank you for joining the Color CodED Community! We look forward to growing with/from you.

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